What is Azure IoT?

For the vast quantity of articles, guides and opinions written about the Internet of Things (IoT), it seems much attention goes to shiny, new “Things,” while the humble, foundational “Internet,” waits in the wing for its moment in the spotlight. The truth of the matter is that IoT as we know it today takes an ensemble cast and crew to make the show sing. Behind the scenes, developers are hard at work making any number of decisions on how to connect devices to the cloud, how to determine which protocols can be used, how to secure connections and the best methods of authentication.



Microsoft’s end-to-end IoT platform is the most complete IoT offering, enabling enterprises to build and realize value from IoT solutions quickly and efficiently. Microsoft IoT solutions, including Azure IoT Suite and Azure IoT Hub, harness the power of Azure full cloud, data and developer offerings for the enterprise to provide hyperscale IoT services, rich data and analytics, and deep integration. Developers can start building custom solutions using IoT Hub or get started quickly with the comprehensive preconfigured solutions of Azure IoT Suite (which includes Azure IoT Hub).

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