Azure/Microservices/DevOps Consultant in NJ/NY Area!

Job Description:

Responsibilities will include the design, planning, implementation, installation, and configuration for new and existing cloud based environments and services for client; along with the administration, support, and documentation for these environments.  You will provide high-level user (3rd level) support via a variety of methods and provide technical expertise and leadership to users and other Engineers by verbal and/or written means.  You will lead by example, show a high level of technical aptitude and share information freely with all levels of the organization.  You will be responsible for planning, researching and implementing future cloud technologies with other members of client Data Center teams.  You will be responsible for generating system requirements, performing cost analysis and recommending solutions.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • 1) Responsible for learning and testing new cloud technologies.
  • 2) Responsible for performing needs analysis on new cloud technologies.
  • 3) Responsible for creating high level design plans and future technology goals.
  • 4) Analyze current server and network systems technology and provide recommendations for optimal performance and for the future enhancements and direction for the client cloud Infrastructure.
  • 5) Develop standards for cloud based servers and network systems; to include standards for system security, network, and system monitoring, and others as necessary.
  • 6) Provide on-call support for cloud based server and network systems as necessary – 7×24 support required.
  • 7) Provide 3rd level technical support for a wide range of users, Engineers and Developers.
  • 8) Provide new detailed system and network documentation and provide updates to existing documentation.
  • 9) Develop, evaluate and recommend process automation for network and cloud based systems administrative functions and monitoring.
  • 10) Maintain a broad knowledge of current and emerging cloud based architectures, technologies and products.
  • 11) Provide technical project management during the implementation, configuration and support for cloud based server and network infrastructures involving multiple departments, business units or companies.
  • 12) Coordinate and facilitate technical support with other departments and business units.
  • 13) Help develop the technical skills of other members of the team.
  • 14) Create and foster an environment of learning and teamwork.
  • 15) Perform miscellaneous duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • 1) 3 to 5+ years of hands-on cloud architecting experience.
  • 2) 7+ years’ general IT experience.
  • 3) Ability to develop complex technical solutions for business processes.
  • 4) Ability to plan and execute several high level complex projects at the same time.
  • 5) Ability to minimize user impact where possible and complete projects on time and correctly.
  • 6) Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.
  • 7) The ability to work effectively and communicate technically with a wide range of users in a diverse community.
  • 8) Exceptional technical documentation skills.
  • 9) Strong ability to communicate ideas and needs to all levels of the organization.
  • 10) Required hands-on experience
    1. Platforms – Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008, Windows 2012 R2.
    2. Windows Scripting Host, Windows PowerShell.
    3. Working knowledge of cloud based high availability for all systems and services.
    4. Cost analysis and control for cloud based systems which includes auto scaling and other technologies designed to scale with application demand.
  • 11) Architect certification in at least one cloud solution provider.

Work Environment:

  • 1) Ability to travel as needed for training or other company events.
  • 2) Ability to lift items in excess of 50 pounds.
  • 3) Ability for flexibility of hours based on needs of company – 7×24 support is required.

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